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Who is C Caribbean Business Directory?

C Caribbean Business Directory was created for Caribbean businesses and people from Florida to Guyana; to provide local businesses with an easy, targeted and affordable solution to having an online presence in today’s competitive business environment. Our parent company (HDTEN Media Group Inc.) specializes in business development, promotion and online marketing solution for small to medium sized businesses using the latest technology, and marketing technique available.

C Caribbean Business Directory is an easy to use platform for connecting consumers to local business from anywhere in the Caribbean region. We are continually working on improving, and providing the most accurate information to our users and the very best features to help them find the business, services, and products they are looking for.

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What does C Caribbean Business Directory do?

C Caribbean Business Directory is a powerful business tool used by customer to find Caribbean companies, purchase goods and services and find up to date business news. C Caribbean Business Directory allows local businesses to create high quality web pages, and videos packed with useful features and information to engage with their clients.

Users can search our extensive database of thousands of businesses across 35 different Caribbean islands; they can then rate and review the performance of company, and leave comments. C Caribbean Business Directory aims to be the most complete and informative local business directory in Caribbean region.

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How does C Caribbean Business Directory do it?

C Caribbean Business Directory uses the power of a large amount of well-organized content along with the latest web technology and targeted search engine optimization to get excellent search results in Google & much larger volumes of traffic than most standalone websites, meaning C Caribbean Business Directory listings often rank higher than your existing website.

People visit C Caribbean Business Directory to find reputable businesses to get the products and services they need. C Caribbean Business Directory makes it easy for users to find what they are searching for, and even easier for companies to list, advertise and promote their businesses.

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What’s next for C Caribbean Business Directory?

As technology changes C Caribbean will adapt and will be rolling out new service to advertisers. The aim of C Caribbean Business Directory is to have all of the Caribbean businesses listed and the entire region covered.

By the end of 2014 C Caribbean Business Directory will have its Caribbean Business For Sale, Business Tools, and Caribbean Recipes sections fully integrated.

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