Barbados A Tropical Haven

More than just being a famous and most visited tourist spot in the Caribbean, Barbados is also the most developed country in the region giving the country the title of being the 51st wealthiest country in the world. It’s not hard to see why so many people flock to the island. Barbados can offer everything an escapist or adventurer wants, such as modern comforts and beautiful scenery, sandy beaches and pulsating music.  


When to visit

Barbados has something to offer year round. When to visit depends largely on what kind of experience you want to take away from the island. December to April marks Barbados tourist season. Prices are highest during this time. After April things, will slow down immensely all the way to June. July through November is an exciting time to visit. Storms are a possibility, but hurricanes are rare. During this time, music and parties galore, and prices will be half of what they are during the peak season.    

What to do and see

Oistins Fish Fry, a street fair event, offers an inexpensive way to taste the island cuisine, vibe with the local music, and sip on the Caribbean’s choice of alcohol. Garrison Savannah Horse Racing is unlike any horse racing events. Aside from the race, the sun, and the constant sipping of coconuts, there are stalls offering crafts and delectable treats. If the music, the party, and the food aren’t your style, there is always the Soup Bowl and Bottom Bay. This is the Caribbean. These beaches, aside from being just plain breathtaking with blue-green water and sandy shores, are filled with surfers riding one wave after another. The thrill of watching will make you want to take up your own board and ride breathtaking waves. Animal Flower Cave and Barbados Wildlife Reserves are a must if you want to experience the more natural side of the island. Both are very scenic. So, bring a camera.

Best advice for travelers

Getting into Grantly Adams International airport is easy from anywhere around the world. Barbados’s main currency is the Barbados Dollar (BBD), exchange rate $1.98 BBD to a US$1. US currency is accepted all across Barbados, as well as all major credit cards. . Driving is on the left side of the street. Attend to all valuables at all times.

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