Cayman islands great for family vacation

The Cayman islands are a British overseas territory just south of Cuba and chances are that you’ve heard of them in a sentence that had the words ‘bank’ and ‘account’ in it. But don’t write it off as a place where financial big-wigs go to lounge on the beach, hide their money (they do have lovely beaches) and sip expensive cocktails because there’s so much more to these islands than that.


Cayman islands Carnival Batabano

Cayman islandsHeld in May each year, it is a wild explosion of color and sound. Street dancing, parades, live bands and costumes collide in this expression of Cayman Island heritage.


Cayman Turtle Farm

The farm is home to more than 11,000 turtles, and if you’re wondering ‘will I be allowed to touch them’ the answer is yes. So take as many awkward and adorable photos as you like! The compound also includes a restaurant, an education facility that focuses on the preservation of turtles and a tidal lagoon if you feel like taking a dip later.


Cayman islands Cookout

This one is for all the foodies out there. This event features chefs and wine experts from all over the world. Tastings, lunches, dinners and demonstrations all in the celebration of good food and drink, how can you not have a good time?


Pirate Week

Cayman_islandsKicking off  in November with a big party, pirate week is a more than week long adventure filled with pirate invasions, sports, fireworks parades and more, all culminating in the crowning of the festival queen. If you aren’t convinced that Caymanians know how to have a good time by the end of this then ……


Places to Stay

  • The Reef Resort (Grand Cayman)
  • Pirates Point
  • Morrit’s Grand Resort
  • Little Cayman Beach Resort


Best time to visit

May to July for lowered hotel rates.


General Travel Tips

  • The Legal drinking age is 18.
  • Contact your mobile phone service provider about roaming charges.
  • Contact your mobile carrier to make sure service will be available on island


For More Information

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
New York Office
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2720
New York, NY 10118
Tel: (212) 889-9009




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