Cuba the next vacation destination

You’ve heard about Cuba and undoubtedly know a bit about the history; however you have probably never seriously considered vacationing on the island. A silly thing, since the Republic of Cuba has long been known as an ideal tourist destination. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and has a population of over 11 million; with so much space and so many people, there’s definitely a lot to see and do.

Fun at the Beach





Playa Paraiso

Plaza Del Carmen

Things to See in Cuba

Cuba is a country steeped in history and places like the Plaza del Carmen are testament to that; with is quaint colonial architecture and quirky bronze statues are worth the trip.

La Gran Piedra

Located in Santiago de Cuba, La Gran Piedra (The Big Rock) offers some of the most stunning views on the island. If you’re lucky and the night is clear, you might even see the glittering lights across the ocean in Montego Bay.

Maqueta de la Habana

This is an exceptionally detailed miniature of the capital Havana. If you plan on exploring the city, starting here would seem like a viable option

Saturno Cave

This beautiful cave even has a pool that you can take a dip in! A necessity after the small hike it takes to get down.

Places to Stay

Royalton Cayo Santa Maria

Hotel Terral

Sol Cayo Coco

Villa Lindamar

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Best Time to Visit

December – April for the best weather and May – November for lower rates.

General Travel Tips

• The Cuban Peso is the currency here and taking USD probably won’t be worth the extra charge you will pay for using it.

• If you plan on snorkeling, think about bringing your own gear.

• If you are planning on renting a car then get a map and treat it like the gospel.


For More Information Contact

Calle 3ra No.6 e/ F y G, Vedado.

Plaza de la Revolución. La Habana.Cuba.

Tel: (537) 836 3245

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