Curacao Island vacation

The C in the ‘ABC’ islands, Curacao came to prominence through salt mining, and has a long and fascinating history. The landscape isn’t what you would imagine a typical Caribbean landscape to be either, instead of stretches of tropical greenery, you will find scrublands filled with cacti and various thorny shrubs. If you are looking for something more than white sand and palm trees, give Curacao a go.

Interesting Sites

Curacao Liqueur Factory

Still using the original recipe and operating since1896, the factory produces genuine Curacao liqueur, including the world famous Blue Curacao.

Curacao_beachThe Hato Caves

These gorgeous limestone caves hide waterfalls, small pools and unique rock formations, and if you are lucky you will see a few Long Nose Fruit Bats.


The city center, with its well preserved colonial buildings and port is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and worth seeing at least once.

Water Adventures 

Substations Curacao

Diving down 320 meters, this mini submarine allows a look at the ocean that diving can’t allow. Take in the colorful life in Curacao’s waters in a new way.

Curacao_beachAtlantis Adventures

If you want to tour the island’s reefs without getting wet then the way to go is by semi-submarine. Sit in comfort in the hull of the boat and enjoy the various fish species that flit by outside the glass.

Dolphin Academy

Swimming with dolphins! There’s not much to think about.

Places to Stay

  • Avila Hotel
  • Hotel Klooster
  • Iguana Inn
  • Landuis Jan Thiel

Best time to visit

Mid-December to mid-April if you’re looking to join the vacation crowd, or mid-April to mid-December for lower rates and a more relaxed stay.

General Travel Tips

  • Curacao’s currency is the Florin but US dollar is widely accepted.
  • Unlike the Netherland, the Netherland Antilles (Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba) have strict anti-marijuana laws.
  • Though Dutch is the official language, English, Spanish and Papiamentu are spoken as well.

For More Information Contact

Curacao Tourism Corporation (North America Office)

80 S.W. 8th street
Suite 2000
Miami, FLA 33130
United States
Tel: 305-423-7156 (Toll Free: 1-800-328-7222 )
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