Saba Island Vacation

Why a Saba Island Vacation

You won’t find any big hotel chains or restaurants on this tiny Dutch municipality (it is only 5 sq miles in the Caribbean sea), it’s too small for even the low key hustle and bustle of some of its neighbors. Here, it’s all about relaxing and having fun in fact Saba will probably offer you the most laid back Island vacation you’ll ever experience.




●  Saba Deep Dive Center
●  Saba Divers and Scout’s Place Dive-Hotel
●  Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center

The Sites on Saba

Tide Pools at Flat Point

Tucked away in this interesting rock formation are small tidal pools filled with sea urchins and various small fish and marine flora. There might even be some small crabs there as well.

Cove Bay

This cove provides a splendid view of the ocean and the rock cliffs that line the whole of the cove are breathtaking in their own right. This is also where you will find some of the best snorkeling opportunities.


The island is quite small so these trails will not be over long nor too strenuous,what they will do is give you a chance to explore.

●  Sulphur Mine Trail
●  Mount Scenery Trail
●  Sandy Cruz Trail

Places To Stay on the next Saba island vacation

The objective here is simplicity and comfort.

●  The Cottage Club
●  El Momo Cottages
●  Queen’s Garden Resort
●  Shearwater Resort
●  Rainforest Ecolodge

Best Time To Visit Saba

December-February is peak season. May-June if you’re looking to avoid crowds.

General Travel Tips for your Saba island vacation

●  There are no direct flights to the island so you’ll have to go through Saint Martin.
●  Keep an eye on the building: no garish colors or designs here.
●  The currency is the Netherlands Antillean guilder or Florin but US dollars are widely accepted.
●  If you’re flying in, then be warned, it’ll be interesting. After all, the pilot must pass a test every month to be able          to fly into Saba.


For More Information Contact

Saba Tourist Office

PO Box 527
Saba Dutch Caribbean
Tel: +599 416 2231 or 2322




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