Saint Lucia is a tropical treasure

Located south of Martinique and north/northeast of Saint Vincent and northwest of Barbados, Saint Lucia attracts tourists year round from all over the world. It is one of the most beautiful tropical locations of the Caribbean. Whether you are out for a little romance, adventure or rejuvenation Saint Lucia has it all. You will spend your time relaxing and indulging in lots of exciting activities designed to etch the word thrill in your memory for years to come.


Best time to visit Saint Lucia

St. Lucia_boats_mountainsThe best time to visit Saint Lucia is between May & June. The temperatures are wonderful during these months as the room rates are more affordable. The St Lucia Jazz Festival which takes place in May is the busiest time of the year.


Where to stay

Saint_Lucia_boats_seaSaint Lucia is home to a huge number of resort hotels, boutique hotels, self-catering villas and condos. There are a number of less expensive hotels which cater to the budget-conscious tourists. Some of the renowned hotels in Saint Lucia are Jade Mountain, Ladera & Anse Chastanet.


Things to see in St. Lucia

Saint_Lucia_arial_trampAttractions in Saint Lucia are mainly located on the west coast especially in the Soufriere area. The top 5 things to see in St. Lucia are Pigeon Island National Park, Reduit Beach, the Pitons, and Diamond Botanical Gardens & Marigot Bay.


Things to do in Saint Lucia

Saint_Lucia_boatsThe island of St. Lucia has ample opportunities for activities in the water. It offers a number of organized excursions, lessons and equipment rentals. Big-game fishing is very popular here, and you will have an excellent opportunity to hunt mackerel, barracuda and sailfish.


Advice for travelers

Although St. Lucia is safe, you are expected to exercise the same caution as you would in your home country. Pickpockets in crowded areas are quite common. Use of camouflage bags is totally illegal in St. Lucia and if you show up with one, that bag will be promptly confiscated. Driving is on the left of the street. Currency is Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC). Exchange rates at banks – EC2.68 for US$1 in travelers checks and  EC$2.67 for US1 cash. Major credit cards are accepted.


For More Information

Saint Lucia Tourist Board
General Info
Tel: 212-867-2950
Toll-Free: 1-800-456-3984 (1-888-478-5824)




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