Why Jamaica is the destination for you

Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean known for its beautiful landscapes, beaches and warm climate which makes it one of the most popular destinations among tourists.


Why you should visit

Apart for it´s warm weather, white sandy beaches and great food and culture, Jamaicans are extremely known for being fun, hospitable and full of energy. They are also known for their dancing and music and credited for the origin of the well-known music genre, reggae.


When to visit Jamaica

Jamaica´s tropical climate is warm year-round with an annual average temperature of 82 degrees, making it a great place to visit during the warmer seasons such as summer or even to escape the colder ones such as winter. Also note that Jamaica is busiest from December all through to April and then from June to August.


Where to stay

There is nothing more important than feeling relaxed and well accommodated during your vacation. With this said, Jamaica is filled with everything from 5 star-hotels to villas and apartments. Jamaicans like nothing more than to treat you to their hospitality.


What to see and do

When visiting Jamaica the most important thing to remember is to have fun, relax and experience all that its wonderful culture has to offer. The island nation as everything from some of the most beautiful beaches such as the Seven Mile Beach and Boston Bay Beach to magnificent landscapes and parks such as the Dunn’s River Falls & Park and the Blue Mountains National Park. Also if you are a big fan of golf or just want to try out the sport the Tyrall Club and/or the White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course is the place for you for Jamaica is well known for its stunning courses. Other must see and do places include the Bob Marley Centre, where you can pay tribute to a music legend and we can´t forget it´s magnificent restaurants, cuisine and of course it’s well known festivals.

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