Why you should visit St. Martin

They both have gorgeous beaches and an active party scene, but the French half of St. Martin /Sint Maarten possesses that extra something that comes about when you partner French sophistication with a wild Caribbean charm. Make no mistake, this is very much a tourist destination and it makes no effort to be seen as anything but. The cohabitation wasn’t easy initially (with periodic bouts of violence throughout the 17th and 18th centuries) but these days everyone is too busy having a good time to bother with territorial disputes. For the best experience, take a trip to the Dutch side and see how they measure up.

St. Martin Beaches

Saint MartinYou won’t be hard pressed to find clean, magazine ready beaches here. So whichever one you choose you’re sure to enjoy your time out on the sand.

  • Pinel Island
  • Orient Bay
  • Baie Rouge
  • Galion Beach

St. Martin In The Water

You will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time on the beach, so why not try something else?

Diving Clubs

  • Scuba Zen
  • Sea Horse Diving
  • Beach Plaza Watersports

St. Martin


  • Surf’Ace
  • Wake Dream
  • Club Caraibes


  • Tropical Wave
  • Windy Reef


  • Kakao Beach
  • La Factory
  • Rainbow Club
  • Coco Beach
  • Le Pub
  • Zen’it

Places To Stay in St. Martin

  •  Beach Plaza Hotel
  • Le Petit Hotel
  • Le Grand Bleu Hotel
  • Palm Court Hotel


Best Time To Visit St. Martin

Saint Martin

Like most Caribbean islands, December-April are the most popular months. Saint Martin is a very popular tourist destination though so it (especially the beaches) will get incredibly crowded.


General Travel Tips

  • The official language is French though English and a local dialect are widely spoken.
  • The currency here is euros.
  • A round-trip or onward ticket is required of all non-EU citizens
  • Don’t forget your prescriptions.

For More Information Contact

Office de Tourisme de Saint Martin
Route de Sandy Ground – Marigot
97150 Saint-Martin
Tel : 0590 87 57 21
Email :


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